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A-133 Available
Paint roller 9 inches
A-135 In Maintenance
Paint roller 4 inches
A-138 Available 1 hold
Paint brushes 1.5 and 2.75 inches
A-141 Available
Plastic taping knife
A-176 Available
Putty knife
A-186 Available
Paint scraper
A-212 Available 1 hold
Paint roller 3, 4, 7 and 9 inches
A-213 Available
Paint trays and tray liners
A-214 Available
Paint brushes Various sizes
A-306 Available
Safety razor scraper
A-307 Available
Paint scraper
A-310 In Maintenance
Paint roller 4"
A-687 In Maintenance
Paint roller 6.5 inches
B-1194 Available
Dust barrier pole Extends to 10 feet
Zip Wall, Zip Pole 10
B-1324 In Maintenance
Adjustable paint roller frame 12 inches to 20 inches
B-1380 Available
Wall scraper 8 inches
B-1381 Available
Wall scraper 6 1/2 inches
B-1744 Checked Out
Paint brush cleaner comb
B-1786 Available
Brush and roller cleaner
Warner, 380
B-1794 Checked Out
Brush and roller cleaner
Warner, 380