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B-4810 Available
Infrared thermometer
True Power, 02-0665
B-4716 Available
Rice shaping kit
Tawara, Onigiri mold
B-4667 Available
Bread maker 1 Loaf 120V, 60Hz, 550W
Cuisinart, CBK-110
B-4628 Available
Grain mill Approx. 20 inches long fine to coarse grind
Victoria, High hopper grain grinder
B-4623 Available
Popcorn maker 2.5 ounce kettle / 10 cups popcorn
Waring Pro, WPM30SLT
B-4403 Overdue 1 hold
Hot plate 4 x 12.5 x 9 inches 1500 watt, 120V, 60Hz
Techwood, ES-3103
B-4223 Available
Popcorn maker 2.5 ounce kettle / 10 cups popcorn
Nostalgia, NRKPCRT25RR
B-4059 Available
Food thermometer 17 inches
Poder, Digital thermometer fork
B-4034 Overdue
Mechanical food scale Platform: 9 x 9 inches 40 lbs
Rubbermaid, 840BW
B-3863 Available
Sous vide and vacuum sealer kit Fits most pots
Anova, Precision cooker
B-3847 Available
Food thermometer
B-3846 Overdue 1 hold
Infrared thermometer
B-3712 Available
Potato ricer
B-3100 Available
Grapefruit sectioning knife
B-3099 Available
Barbecue fork 12.5 inches
B-3095 Available
Meat tenderizer 7 inches Rotating
B-3090 Available
Meat tenderizer 7.5 inches Dual sided
B-3089 Checked Out
Meat tenderizer 8.5 inches Dual sided
B-2950 Checked Out
Induction cooktop 1800 watt
Duxtop, BT-180G3
B-2874 Overdue 3 holds
Pasta machine
Marcato, Ampia 150