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B-4677 Available
Orbital sander vacuum adapter 1.75 inch vacuum inlet Fits most DeWalt sanders
Dewalt, DWV9000
B-4415 Overdue
Shop-vac (no wheels) 6 gallon 7.8 A
Ridgid, wd06701
B-4397 Checked Out
Shop-vac 14 gallon capacity 120 V/ 10.5 amps/ 6 horsepower/ 60Hz
Ridgid, HD14000
B-4372 Overdue 1 hold
Shop-vac 6 gallon capacity 7.5 amps/ 3.5 horsepower
Ridgid, HD06001
B-4371 Overdue 4 holds
Carpet cleaner 6.8 amps
Hoover, FH50710
B-4324 Checked Out
Shop-vac 5 gallon capacity 4.5 HP
Shop-Vac, 4045AH
B-4320 On Hold 9 holds
Carpet cleaner 120V, 60Hz, 12A
Hoover, F5914900
B-4259 Checked Out
Shop-vac 6 gallon 120 v
Ridgid, WD06700
B-4179 Available
Dust extractor accessory kit
Dewalt, DWV2759
B-4151 Checked Out
Shop-vac 6 gallons 2 HP
B-4095 Checked Out
Shop-vac 16 gallon capacity 12 amps/ 6.5 horsepower
Ridgid, HD16000
B-4075 Overdue 10 holds
Carpet and upholstery cleaner 2.75 amps
Bissell, Little Green 1400B
B-3972 Checked Out 3 holds
Carpet cleaner
Hoover, FH50700
B-3971 Checked Out 2 holds
Vacuum cleaner
Eureka, Powerspeed
B-3919 Overdue
Shop-vac 2.5 gallon 6 amps/ 2.0 horsepower
ArmorAll, AA255
B-3865 Overdue 1 hold
Vacuum cleaner
Dyson, DC14
B-3850 Checked Out 11 holds
Carpet and upholstery cleaner 3 amps
Bissel, SpotBot (2117A)
B-3839 Overdue 6 holds
Carpet and upholstery cleaner 10 amps
Hoover, Power Scrub
B-3802 Checked Out
H.E.P.A. filtered vacuum (dry only) 15 gallon 9 amp - 115 cfm
Nikro Industries, PD15110-Advanta
B-3638 Overdue 1 hold
Shop-vac 4 gallon 9 amps/ 5.0 horsepower
Ridgid, WD40700