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B-3300 On Hold 2 holds
Cordless electric lawn mower 17 inches 40 volts
Greenworks, MO40B01
B-3363 On Hold 2 holds
Cordless electric lawn mower
DeWalt, 18A-U2C2738
B-3774 On Hold 4 holds
Cordless electric lawn mower 13 inch cut width 18V - 4ah
Ryobi, P1180
B-3291 On Hold 3 holds
Cordless string trimmer 14 inch 20 volts
Black & Decker, DCST922P1
B-3573 On Hold 3 holds
Cordless string trimmer
Ryobi, P2003/P2004
B-3843 Checked Out 2 holds
Cordless string trimmer 10 inch cut diameter 18 volt
Ryobi, P2003VNM
B-1031 Checked Out
B-1101 Overdue 1 hold
B-1454 Available
B-1746 In Maintenance
Bully Tools
B-3829 On Hold 1 hold
Bully Tools
B-2591 Available
Edger and trencher 30" x 10" x 12.5", 13.1 pounds 12 Amps
Black and Decker, LE750
B-3581 In Maintenance
Edger and trencher 5300 RPM 9 amps / 1.5 horsepower
Black and Decker, 8235
B-1748 Checked Out 1 hold
Electric lawn mower 14 inches 12 amps
Sun Joe, MJ401E
B-2949 Checked Out 2 holds
Electric lawn mower 18 inch blade 10 amp
Lawnmaster, ME1018X
B-3049 Overdue
Electric lawn mower 18 inches
Black&Decker, MM765
B-2043 On Hold 2 holds
Gas lawn mower
Craftsman, 917.3853
B-1109 Available
Patio knife
B-1340 In Maintenance
Reel mower 16 inches
B-1747 Checked Out
Reel mower 18 inches