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Rotary Tools

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B-1073 Available
Craftsman, 315.1067
B-2853 Available
Carbide rotary micro bit set 1/8 inch shanks
B-2399 Available
Dremel, 7300
B-3557 Available
Dremel Accessory Kit
Dremel, 713-01
B-3449 Available
Dremel bit set - diamond 45 piece
B-3430 Available
Dremel bit set - inverted cone 7 piece
B-3431 Available
Dremel bit set - reamer 6 piece
B-1054 Available
Dremel drill press
Dremel, 220-01
B-2147 Available
Dremel engraving pen
Dremel, 2050
B-2228 Available
Dremel engraving pen
Dremel, 290
B-2230 Available
Dremel plunge router attachment
Dremel, 335-01
B-2150 Overdue
Dremel rotary tool
Dremel, 3000
B-1320 Available
Dremel rotary tool with accessory kit
Dremel, 200
B-2779 Available
Dremel rotary tool with accessory kit
Dremel, 400-4/70H
B-1134 Available
Grinding bits
B-2377 Available
Lathe chisels
B-1412 Available
Orbital buffer 10 inches 3500 rpm 120V
B-2397 Available
Pen lathe
ShopFox, W1704
B-2513 Available
Polisher 7 inch hookit-pad 11 amps, 1000-3000 RPM
Pro-Tek, PE0606
B-2804 Available
Rotary tool with accessory kit 5,000-30,000 RPM
Craftsman, 572.610530