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B-1052 Available
Palm sander
Black & Decker, FS500
B-1070 Checked Out
Orbital sander
Bosch, ROS10
B-1077 Overdue
Detail sander With coarse sanding pads
B-1228 Checked Out
Sheet sander 120 volts
Ryobi, S-45
B-1283 Overdue
Sheet sander 120 volts
Ridgid, R2500
B-1312 Available
Belt sander 3 inches x 18 inches 3/4 horsepower
Skil, 7313
B-1490 Overdue
Palm sander 1/4 sheet
Tool Shop, S1B-AJ-110x100
B-1496 Available
Orbital sander 120 volts, 60 Hz, 2.6 amps, 12,500/min
Ryobi, RS290
B-1727 On Hold 1 hold
Orbital sander 5 inches 2.6 amps
Ryobi, RS290G
B-2013 Checked Out
Sheet sander 120 volts
Black & Decker, 7448
B-2020 Available
Palm sander 120 volts
Skil, 7292
B-2036 Checked Out
Orbital sander 120 volts
DeWalt, D26451
B-2063 Overdue
Detail sander
Ryobi, DS1100
B-2083 Overdue
Palm sander 1/4 sheet
Master mechanic, 134465
B-2196 Checked Out
Detail sander
Ryobi, DS2000 Type 2
B-2277 Available
Belt sander 2 1/2 inch belt
Craftsman, 315.1171
B-2389 Available
Sheet sander 1/3 sheet 120V / 1.2 amps
Black and Decker, 7453
B-2460 Overdue
Sheet sander 1/4 sheet
B-2462 Available
Sheet sander 1/3 sheet sander 1/4 horsepower
Sears Craftsman, 315.116132
B-2463 Available
Sheet sander 1/2 sheet 1/6 horsepower
Craftman, 315.116140