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B-3930 Available
Abrasive cleaning stick 6 inches wide
B-1312 Available
Belt sander 3 inches x 18 inches 3/4 horsepower
Skil, 7313
B-2277 In Maintenance
Belt sander 3inch x 21 inch belt
Craftsman, 315.1171
B-2512 Overdue
Belt sander 3 x 18 inch belt 4.5 amps
Skil, 7313
B-2948 In Maintenance
Belt sander 3 x 21 inch belt 7.8 amps
Makita, 9900B
B-3886 Overdue
Belt sander 3 inch x 21 inch 7.0 amps,110-120 volts
Craftsman, 315.11721
B-4287 Overdue 1 hold
Belt sander 3 x 18 inch belt 7.8 amps
Ryobi, BE318-2
B-3321 In Maintenance
Benchtop belt and disc sander 6 inch disc, 4 inch belt width 8 amp, 1/2 horsepower
Central Machinery, S-5154
B-3928 Checked Out
Benchtop belt and disc sander 6 inch disc, 4 x 36 inch belt 4.3 amp, 3600rpm/1700fpm
Performax, 240-2972
B-2649 Available
Benchtop belt sander 1 inch x 30 inches 3550 rpm, 2.1 amps
Electronix Express, 227541
B-2063 Overdue 1 hold
Detail sander
Ryobi, DS1100
B-2196 Overdue
Detail sander
Ryobi, DS2000 Type 2
B-3566 Available
Detail sander 10 inches
Black & Decker, BDEMS600
B-4199 Available
Detail sander 3-3/4" x 5-1/2" 5-hole hook-and-loop pad .7 A
Black & Decker
B-4551 Overdue
Detail sander 120v, 60Hz, 1.2 A
Black & Decker, BDEMS600
B-3862 Overdue
Finger sanding multitool attachment 3.15 x 1.4 inches Hook and loop attachment
B-4182 Overdue
Finish sander
Ryobi, CFS1503
B-4291 Available
Finish sander 120V
ToolShop, 241-9796
B-4809 On Hold 1 hold
Finish sander 5-1/2 inches
Ryobi, CFS1503
B-1070 In Maintenance
Orbital sander
Bosch, ROS10