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B-1216 Checked Out
Sewing machine Heavy duty
Simplicity Denim Star, SW210
B-1533 Available
Sewing awl
The Leather Factory, 1216-00
B-1552 Overdue
Sewing machine
Kenmore, 12102990
B-2163 Overdue 1 hold
Dress form
B-2172 On Hold 2 holds
Serger (3/4 Thread Serger with Differential Feed) Compact
Brother, 1034D
B-2390 Available
Sewing awl
Awl for All
B-2526 Available
Round knife fabric cutting machine 4 inch 100 watts, 1.6 amps
Reliable Corporation, XD-100
B-2630 Overdue
Sewing machine 110/120 V
Kenmore, 1350
B-2684 Checked Out
Sewing machine 110/120 V
Kenmore, 385.15343600
B-2797 On Hold 1 hold
Sewing machine 110/120 V
Singer, 9210R
B-3316 Available
Flexible measuring tape 120 inches
B-3317 Available
Flexible measuring tape 120 inches
B-3630 Overdue 1 hold
Adjustable dress form Dress sizes 10-18
Singer, DF251
B-3935 Available
Dress form Waist: 30 inches, chest: 37 inches
B-4009 Available
Sewing machine walking foot
B-4010 Available
Specialty large needle kit
B-4013 Overdue
Handheld mending machine
Singer, Stitch Sew Quick
B-4029 Checked Out
Mini sewing machine 4 x 8 x 8 inches 110V
SewMighty, Mighty Mini Sewing Machine
B-4330 Checked Out 1 hold
Sewing machine 25 stitch patterns
Singer, 5040C
B-4344 Checked Out
Sewing Machine
Montgomery Ward, UHT - J 1940