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A-187 Available
1/4 inch socket drive handle 1/4 inch x 5 inch
B-1620 Available
3/8 inch 12-point sockets 7/16 inch - 7/8 inch
B-2867 Available
3-level sprouting kit 8 inches x 8inches x 4 inches
Biosta, Sprouter kit
B-1782 Available
4-way equal pressure clamp
B-2607 Available
4-way plug wrench
B-1130 Available
4-way stem key 1/4, 9/32, 5/16, 11/32 inch
B&K, 151-015
B-2352 Available
5 Gallon Honey Bucket
Miller Manufacturing
B-2651 Available
8-in-1 wheelbarrow and garden cart
Worx, WG050
B-1492 Available
Adjustable dolly
B-1324 Available
Adjustable paint roller frame 12 inches to 20 inches
B-1642 Checked Out
Adjustable wire stripper
K Miller Tool Co., 100
B-1341 In Maintenance
Airbrush kit
Mark 1, Professional Airbush Kit
B-2887 Overdue
Air compressor 4 gallon 150psi MAX
B-2239 Checked Out
Air fryer
Faberware, HF-919B
B-2001 Available
Air pad 20 inches x 78 inches x 2.5 inches
Big Agnes, Iron Mountain air pad
B-2095 Available
Air pump
MVP Super Line
B-2826 Checked Out
Air pump 480 L/min
Intex, AP633
B-3104 Available
Analog Multimeter w/ Probes 500 Volts Max
Sperry, SP-5A
B-2856 Available
Angle grinder 4.5 inches 115V, 60Hz, 10,000 RPM, 570W
DeWalt, Dw402
B-2860 Available
Anti-slip shoe grips XL