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B-1202 Overdue
Audio interface
PreSonus, Audiobox USB
B-4284 Available
Boom arm and shock mount
Rode, PSA1
B-1618 Available
Desk-mounted microphone stand
B-4603 Available
Microphone cable 1.5 feet XLR Female to 1/4in TRS Male Cable
B-3556 Available
Microphone desk-mounted stand XLR Cable
Audio Technica
B-1112 Available
Microphone pop filter 6 inches
Nady, MPF-6
B-3547 In Maintenance
Microphone pop filter 6 inches
B-1009 Available
USB microphone
Rode, Podcaster
B-1091 Available
USB microphone
First Act, Adam Levine designer series
B-4267 Checked Out
USB microphone
Shure, MV5
B-4283 Checked Out 1 hold
USB microphone
Blue, Yeti
B-3674 Available
USB microphone cable 10 feet XLR input / USB output