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B-4929 Available
Gas can 2 gallon Unmixed gasoline only
Midwest Can, 2310
B-4904 Overdue
Reciprocating saw 6 amp, 120V, 60Hz
Chicago Electric, 62370
B-4903 Available
Impact wrench 1/2 inch square drive 4.5 amps
Ingersoll Rand, 8512
B-4901 Overdue
Cordless drill 3/8 chuck (10mm) 12 volts
DeWalt, DC927
B-4880 Available
Radius jig R35, R40
B-4879 Available
Radius jig R25, R30
B-4878 Available
Radius jig R15, R20
B-4877 Available
Radius jig R5, R10
B-4872 Overdue 1 hold
Angle grinder (corded) 4-1/2 120V, 60 Hz, 13A, 11000/min rpm
DeWalt, D28114
B-4834 Checked Out
Cordless impact wrench (heavy duty) 1/2 inch square drive, Detent pin 400 ft. lbs. of max torque
DeWalt, DCF889
B-4824 Overdue 1 hold
Tile saw 7 inch blade 120V, 60Hz, 4.6A, 3500/ min
GB, CTC550
B-4809 On Hold 1 hold
Finish sander 5-1/2 inches
Ryobi, CFS1503
C-4805 Checked Out
Benchtop table saw 10 inches 120V, 5A, 60HZ, 5000 r/min
Ryobi, RTS10G
B-4761 Checked Out
Portable air compressor w/ air hose 6 gallon (22.7 liters), 150 psi maximum 60Hz, 10.5A
Bostitch, BTFP02012
B-4755 Available
Router 1/4 collet, 2 inch cut depth 1 1/2 horsepower, 8.5A
Ryobi, R163G
B-4750 Checked Out
Orbital sander (+finish & detailer)
Black&Decker, Sandstorm 3-in-1, RO600
B-4749 Overdue
Jig saw 4.5A, 120V
Black & Decker, BDEJS300C
B-4748 Available
Jig saw 4.5A, 120V
Black & Decker, BDEJS300C
B-4747 Available
Cordless drill (light duty) 3/8 inch chuck (10mm) 8V MAX
Black and Decker, BDCD8
B-4745 On Hold 1 hold
Corded drill 1/2” chuck 120V, 60Hz, 7A, 0-900/m RPM
Black&Decker, DR560