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A-119 Available
Adjustable wrench Assorted
B-1556 On Hold
Adjustable wrench 16 inches
Craftsman, 44606
B-1208 Available
Basic tool kit
B-1613 Available
Basin wrench
B-1518 On Hold
Basin wrench
Chicago Spec Mfg Co
B-2084 Available
Basin wrench
A-689 Available
Imperial wrenches
B-2374 Available
Imperial wrench set 1/4 inch - 1 1/16 inch
B-1133 Available
Lug wrench 19 inches
A-507 Available
Metric wrenches
B-1601 Available
One hander wrench 10 inches
Traq Master
A-194 Available
Pipe wrench 6-24 inches
B-1557 Available
Strap wrench 1 1/2 to 5 inches (38 to 127 millimeters) capacity
Klein, Grip-It S12H
B-1796 Available
Torque wrench 1/2 inch 0-140 foot pounds
Craftsman, 9-44642
B-2075 Available
Wrench set 5/16 -15/16 inch
Craftsman, 946990
B-1603 Available
Wrench set 3/16 - 1/2 inch
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