Ladders, Saw Horses, and Other Assistive Devices

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A-109 Available 1 hold
Bucket 5 gallon
A-155 Available
Suction cup
A-211 Available
Short extension cord 6-10 feet
B-1045 Available
Halogen work light
B-1049 Available
Hanging work light
B-1104 Available
Garden kneeler seat
B-1106 Checked Out
Ladder 4 feet 250 pounds
Werner, 364
B-1126 Available
Magnetic picker upper 22 inches max
B-1194 Available
Dust barrier pole Extends to 10 feet
Zip Wall, Zip Pole 10
B-1317 Available
Winch lb capacity?
B-1337 Available
Drill guide
Stanley, 04-413
B-1389 Overdue 1 hold
Halogen work light
B-1393 Available
Ladder 8 feet 225 pounds
B-1394 Overdue
Extension ladder 8 - 14 feet 200 pounds
Werner, D716-2
B-1396 Available
Ladder 6 feet 225 pounds
B-1461 Available
Tool bag
B-1503 Available
Ace Hardware
B-1528 Available
Hanging work light
B-1529 Available
Metal detector
Wizard III
C-1534 Overdue 3 holds
Extension ladder 24 feet