Air compressor

B-2887 In Maintenance

A large, electric air compressor capable of powering two air tools at the same time with 4 gallon tank capacity. It has two 1/4 quick couple connections. This loan includes the air hose shown in the image but no other air tools/accessories. 

  • Please bleed (empty) air tanks before returning. 
  • This tool is extremely loud - use hearing protection.
  • It weighs over 80lbs and may require multiple people to load/unload. It has two wheels and takes up approximately 24 x 24 x 20 inches with the handle removed.  

Empty the air tank when returned. Use a tool to do so, NOT the valve on the tank. ***Accessories*** - Make sure member is leaving with all the needed tools and accessory hardware --Air hose, female coupler and male plug, tire chuck, nozzle adapters, wrench for tightening hoses, needles etc. as needed