B-2172 In Maintenance

  • Electric (Corded)
  • Brother
  • 1034D
  • U10418-K6U115044
2/12/22 update: the machine has undergone some repairs and is functional but can only do 3 threads rather than the four a new machine can do.

This is a Brother 1034D compact overlock machine. You’ll find the user handbook, FAQs, and helpful instructional videos from Brother here:

We’ve added labels underneath the colorful thread tension dials to help identify the purpose of each thread and the order in which they should be threaded:
  • Left Needle (LN), threaded last
  • Right Needle (RN), threaded third
  • Upperlooper (UL), threaded first
  • Leftlooper (LL), threaded second

The Tool Library did not receive the accessories with this donation. For repairing this machine (and possibly also for the general user) it would be useful to have:

Size 70, 80, or 90 needles

Seracore Polyester Thread by Mettler

How To Videos